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The ARIAH Foundation

Advancement of Reproductive Innovation
Through Artistry and Healing 

The ARIAH Foundation  was established in 2019 after the tragic and preventable death of Shamony Makeba Gibson due to a birth related pulmonary embolism. Shamony represents so many powerful women of color whose lives were cut short due to birth inequities and reproductive injustice in the United States. The foundation seeks to support individuals, families and communities who experience the devastating Aftershock associated with maternal/infant morbidity and mortality. ARIAH provides mental, physical, emotional and/or spiritual assistance to support the affected families as they navigate the impact of these traumatic experiences. 




For Black, Indigenous, People of Color


The National Postpartum Awareness Week series is co-hosted and co-produced by three black, woman-led organizations, The ARIAH Foundation, Dr. Shalon’s MAP & The Tatia Oden French Foundation, in partnership with stakeholders across the United States with a co-created vision of restoring life and dignity to the birthing and postpartum experiences of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC). The collective members represent over 25 states from across the country who are committed to amplifying the needs and the voices of BIPOC during the 4th Trimester so that “Birthing while Black/Brown” in the US will no longer be a death sentence. Through the power of collective action, this campaign raises awareness about the inequitable and unacceptable impact of systemic and institutional racism experienced by BIPOC during their pregnancy, birthing and postpartum journeys.


The campaign will take place VIRTUALLY from Sunday, May 5th to Saturday, May 11th, 2024 from 7:00pm - 9:30pm EST. We welcome individuals, groups, organizations and institutions from across the country and abroad to engage in the weeklong activities to help improve postpartum birthing outcomes across the nation.

Visit the official National Postpartum Awareness Week webpage for details of each night's events and to learn more and make sure you register for the event!


We Are Because You GIVE

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We extend a heartfelt invitation for your monetary support with making future programming a success. ARIAH utilizes art, education, advocacy and holistic healing programs to mitigate the long-lasting impact of systemic racism and oppression on the sexual, reproductive health and birth outcomes within BIPOC communities.


Your donations will save and transform lives through programs and services provided by the ARIAH Foundation which are centered around the lived experiences, and expressed needs, of BIPOC mothers and birthing people, who are most likely to be adversely impacted by reproductive inequities, trauma, loss and death, such as, 1. Counseling and Support For Grieving Families 2. Education, Training and Advocacy 3. Community Events To Promote Activism, Artistry, Culture and Healing.


ARIAH in Action

ARIAH utilizes art, education, advocacy, and holistic healing programs to mitigate the long-lasting impact of systematic racism and oppression on the sexual reproductive health and birth outcomes within BIPOC communities through Art Exhibits and Performances,
Visual Storytelling,
Experiential Workshops, etc.




The Luxor Men's Collective holds space for men who have  suffered the traumatic experience of losing, or the near loss, of their partner, due to the maternal mortality, morbidity, and the inequities of the healthcare system. Luxor is a dedicated group of BIPOC men committed to addressing critical issues affecting the black community while seeking to create a space for healing, dialogue, and progress.
The ARIAH Foundation represents humanitarianism in ACTION. The team provides reproductive justice and birth equity training and development to organizations seeking to examine and transform their policies, procedures, practices and organizational culture, to align with the principles of anti-racism and decolonization.


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